Solar Water Heaters

The water heater in a home is responsible for a large amount of its energy use. The water heater uses more energy than all the other household appliances combined, accounting for almost 17% of a home’s utility bills. Making a change in your home’s water heater that improves its energy efficiency means a significant change in your energy costs. Of the many choices available for cutting down on water heater energy consumption, using a solar-powered water heater is one of the best.

Maybe this sounds a bit extreme to you. It shouldn’t be: going solar is much easier than you may think. Baxter Comfort Solutions would love to demonstrate the possibilities with a solar water heater. Contact us today in Baxter, IA or elsewhere in the “golden circle” between Ames, Des Moines, Newton, and Marshalltown and we’ll help you with fixing up your house with a great energy-saving water heater.

The Advantages of Solar Water Heating

There are a number of excellent reasons to switch to using solar energy to heat water for use in your house. The biggest one is how much it will save on your energy bills: after all, the energy of the sun is free. You may need to use back–up power at times, but according to studies by the U.S. Department of Energy you can expect to cut your water heater energy costs by between 50% and 80%. Using a solar water heater is also a benefit for the environment, since it lowers a household’s carbon footprint by reducing the demand on fossil fuels such as natural gas and coal.

Perhaps best of all, a solar water heater is an easy way to get started when it comes to making the switch over to solar power for a house. If you’ve wanted to explore options for residential solar energy, but are concerned about the investment necessary, a solar water heater offers a great entry point.

Different Types of Solar Water Heaters

When you contact us to install a solar water heater for your house, we’ll identify the type of system that best suits your needs. There are two broad categories of solar water heaters: active and passive. An active system uses a circulating pump and controls, while a passive system circulates water through the natural rise of heat. Active systems are usually more efficient, while passive systems have longer service lives. Active solar water heaters are further divided into two types: direct circulation systems, where the water moves through the collector and receives heat directly from the sun, and indirect circulation systems, which use a heat transference fluid that applies energy to the water through a heat exchanger.

Arrange for Solar Water Heater Service in Baxter, IA

If you feel hesitant about making the change from a standard gas or electric water heater to a solar–powered one, simply give our team a call. Our trained professionals can answer any questions you might have and help you find the right type of water heater to save you money while helping your home go green. That’s our motto—"Helping You Save by Going Green!"— and we’re committed to delivering the best service in Baxter, IA and the surrounding areas. If you already have a solar water heater of any type, we’re available to help you out with repairs and routine maintenance.

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