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Backflow Prevention

Backflow in plumbing is a common cause of the contamination of municipal fresh water systems. It occurs when there is an abrupt change in the plumbing pressure, leading to contaminated water moving the wrong direction through the plumbing. Backflow can also draw up contaminated water from the soil or through external pipe openings. Although backflow is primarily a concern for commercial buildings that place a large demand on water use (car washes, bottling plants, laundries, manufacturing plants, restaurants), it can also happen in homes.

To stop the dangers of backflow, both commercial and residential buildings may be required to have a backflow prevention device attached to the plumbing as a safety measure. Your home may already have one in place if there is a possibility that backflow could threaten the public water supply.

Only specially licensed plumbers can work on backflow prevention devices, so never attempt to tamper with the one in your house. When you need backflow prevention services, such as regular testing, repairs, or a replacement device, let Baxter Comfort Solutions do the work. We have the proper certification and training to see that everything is handled correctly. Contact us for service in Baxter, IA and between the “golden circle” of Ames, Des Moines, Newton, and Marshalltown.

The Job of the Backflow Preventer

The job of a backflow preventer is to prevent unwanted contamination from making its way to the freshwater supply wherever a cross connection exists. Cross connections occur when any source of contaminated water meets a water supply line—like when a water hose leads into a tank full of chemical water or when dirty pesticide water pools up at the head of a sprinkler.

There is a possibility that a sudden change in water pressure could force the normal flow of water to reverse and bring polluted water back to the main supply. This is called backflow and back–siphonage. A sudden drop in water pressure through a fire hydrant, for example, can lead to back–siphonage that pulls dirty water up through pipes and into the freshwater. The backflow preventer is a mechanical device designed to stop this contamination. The preventer contains a check valve that closes when water moves in the wrong direction through the plumbing.

Backflow Testing and Other Backflow Prevention Services in Baxter, IA

Your home may or may not be required to have a backflow preventer. If it does have one, it must receive testing on a regular basis, and only a certified tester is permitted to do the job. Our plumbers have the proper certification to test your backflow preventer. If the backflow prevention device doesn’t pass the test, you can have us repair it or install a new one. If you’re unsure about when your backflow preventer needs testing, our plumbers will be glad to help you out. You can also turn to us if your home is required to have a backflow preventer installed but doesn’t have one yet.

Baxter Comfort Solutions has more than seven decades of experience serving the plumbing needs of homes in Baxter, IA and the surrounding areas. We guarantee all of our work, so if you’re ever unsatisfied with repairs or installations we’ve done, contact us and we’ll correct what we did wrong at no charge.

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