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Gas Piping

When people think of residential piping, they usually think of the water lines and the drainpipes that carry freshwater and wastewater to and from the fixtures and drains in a house. But there is another type of piping that many homes have, which is the natural gas piping responsible for distributing gas coming from a main to appliances in order to power them. Licensed plumbers work on these lines as well, doing jobs such as extending gas service with new line installation and repairing older lines.

The professional plumbers at Baxter Comfort Solutions work with gas lines as well as water lines and drains. Whether you’re looking for new flexible gas lines to service an appliance, or you suspect problems with your current gas pipes, contact us and we’ll be there to assist. We’re the plumbing contractor of choice in Baxter, IA and throughout the “golden circle” between Ames, Des Moines, Newton, and Marshalltown.

Why Using Natural Gas Is Beneficial

Natural gas is one of the best ways to power household appliances: furnaces, boilers, stoves, ovens, and even clothes dryers. Although electricity offers the convenience of being available everywhere, natural gas has some important advantages:

  • Inexpensive: Using natural gas to run devices such as a heating system and kitchen fixtures will save money compared to using electricity because it is a less costly energy source.
  • Clean: Natural gas is the cleanest burning of fossil fuels, with almost perfect combustion that sends few pollutants into the air. It won’t leave behind any soot or odors the way oil and propane can.
  • Availability: Natural gas is abundant and comes into a home through a municipal line. There’s no need to take delivery of fuel or store it.
  • Domestically produced: You help lower the U.S. dependence on foreign oil when you use natural gas, which is a domestic product.

Installing and Repairing Natural Gas Piping

If you are thinking about expanding how you use natural gas in your home, such as putting in a new gas range or a laundry room dryer, you’ll need gas piping professionals to install the new lines. Our team will help you find the best way to channel natural gas to the places where you need it.

At times, gas lines may need repair work. When you smell a natural gas odor in the house (which comes from a special additive placed in the gas), you should shut off the gas line immediately and call for assistance. Our professionals will find where the leak is coming from and take care of the necessary repairs.

Only Call Professionals for Work Connected to a Gas Line!

We cannot stress this enough. Amateur tinkering with a gas line or any appliance that is connected to one has the potential to create hazardous situations. Mistakes working with gas lines can lead to toxic gas escaping and dangers from combustion. In fact, in many jurisdictions it is illegal for anyone except a licensed professional to provide service of any type for gas lines.

It’s easy to find professionals with the skill and certification to handle gas pipes. Simply call our team at Baxter Comfort Solutions, and we’ll arrange to have your gas line and gas pipes safely repaired, replaced, or installed. You can trust us for gas piping service in Baxter, IA and the surrounding areas.

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