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Water Filtration Systems

Do you know what’s in the water that flows into your home’s plumbing from the municipal system? Mixed into the water can be a range of different impurities that affect the water’s taste and may be harmful to people’s health. Concerns about water quality has risen in the past few years, and you may be one of many homeowners who are worried about whether their drinking water is safe for their family.

You have better solutions to solving water quality problems than to switch over to expensive bottled water that ends up clogging landfills with plastic. Whole-house water filtration systems can clean out most of the unwanted contaminants trying to enter your house. Choosing the ideal home water filtration system requires a skilled plumber with training in water treatment. Baxter Comfort Solutions has the team who can handle this job for your house. For your water filter needs, from a new installation to replacements, call us. Our plumbers service Baxter, IA and the “golden circle” between Ames, Des Moines, Newton, and Marshalltown.

Find the Right Whole–House Water Filters

Where do you start when you’re hunting for a set of water filters that will remove pollutants from your household water? There are many different types and strengths of whole–house water filters (also known as point–of–entry filters), as well as purifiers and other kinds of treatment systems, and it may seem overwhelming looking at all the options. Fortunately, you have professional advice available to make it easy. Since you’ll need professionals to eventually install your home water filtration system, you should start with them when you’re considering filter choices. One of our experienced water treatment experts will identify the impurities you need removed, select the filters to target them, then make sure the filters don’t lower the water pressure in the rest of the plumbing.

What Contaminants Does a Whole–House Water Filter Remove?

This depends on the filter type. An adsorption filter is good for removing chlorine, which is one of the more common impurities found in drinking water. Filter membranes that trap pollutants as they pass through a series of membranes can effectively target bacteria and viruses. Reverse osmosis filters are useful against many minerals and heavy metals. There are a number of other choices for filtration types, and a water treatment professional can use a combination of filters to see that you receive the cleanest water possible.

We Offer Great Whole–House Water Filtration System Services in Baxter

You deserve to have pure, clean, safe drinking water coming from your taps. It’s our job to see that you get just that thanks to installation of a set of whole house filters. You won’t have to rely on filtration pitchers, pricey bottled water, or small point–of–use filters on every sink. Let us see to fixing your house with a complete water quality solution. Contact Baxter Comfort Solutions today and set up an appointment with our professionals. We are dedicated to providing the best quality of customer service so that you’ll be a customer for life. Look to us for all your indoor plumbing needs in Baxter, IA and the surrounding areas.

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