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Water Softeners

There are many different types of water quality issues that can affect a home. The kind that receives the most attention because it is so common is what’s known as “hard water,” which is water that has a higher mineral content than normal. Although hard water doesn’t present any health problems, it is harmful for plumbing and plumbing fixtures. If you find out that your home has hard water, call on professional plumbers to install a whole-house water softener to solve the problem.

Water softeners are one of the water treatment systems that we install and service at Baxter Comfort Solutions. You can arrange with us to find the best water softener system to protect your plumbing. All of our plumbers are licensed journeymen with the experience and training necessary to see that every job is done correctly. Contact us today for plumbing services in Baxter, IA and throughout the “golden circle” between Ames, Des Moines, Newton, and Marshalltown.

Hard Water: What It Is and Why You Don’t Want It

Hard water contains high concentrations of minerals such as calcium and magnesium. Ground water seepage picks up these minerals from limestone and chalk deposits, after which the hard water enters into the freshwater pipes of the municipal system. This is why it’s difficult to eliminate hard water: it gets into the fresh water after it has left the water treatment plant.

Hard water isn’t harmful to drink, although it may have an unpleasant taste. The main problem it presents is for the inside of the plumbing system. The minerals leave calcite deposits on the pipe walls, and over time this will drop the volume in the pipes and create high water pressure and numerous leaks. Limescale from hard water is also damaging for plumbing appliances, especially water heaters, which can fail prematurely due to a build–up of scale.

How to Tell You Need a Water Softener System

There are a few signs to watch for that will warn you to call on plumbers to arrange for a whole–house water softener:

  • Low soap lather: The minerals of hard water make it difficult to work up a thick lather of soap. If you’ve noticed that it’s difficult to shower or do the dishes because you can’t work up enough suds, the trouble may be with hard water.
  • Film and deposits on fixtures and surfaces: Yellow flaky deposits on faucets and other fixtures are indications of calcite from hard water. You might also notice an ugly film over glass surfaces such as shower doors and staining on dishes and silverware.
  • Effects on laundry: Hard water in the washing machine will cause whites to pick up a grayish hue and bright fabrics to fade.

Whole–House Water Softener Service in Baxter, IA

You only want to trust the installation of a water softener to trained professionals. A mistake in picking and hooking up a water softener can accidentally lead to excess sodium entering your home’s water, solving one problem but creating another. Our water treatment experts will see that you have the best water softener to fix your hard water issues. Whenever the water softener starts to malfunction, we’ll handle the necessary repairs or see to replacing the system. Baxter Comfort Solutions is here to help you with whatever you need for a great home plumbing system and high quality water in Baxter, IA and the surrounding areas.

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