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Duct Testing and Sealing

It’s easy to imagine that the ductwork in the walls and ceilings of your house are in perfect shape and not the source of any comfort issues. But ducts can easily develop air leaks due to high pressure inside them or because of poor initial construction work. Even humidity and insects can lead to air leaks along duct walls. Leaking ductwork will make an HVAC system inefficient and have a negative impact on your household comfort.

Taking care of leaky ducts involves two steps. First is professional duct testing to find out the extent of the air leak trouble. Second is professional duct sealing to close up the leaks and make sure the ventilation system is restored to its original integrity. You can arrange for both of these services when you call Baxter Comfort Solutions. We offer quality HVAC work to Baxter, IA and throughout Ames, Des Moines, Newton, and Marshalltown. We’re here to help you save by going green!

Why Leaking Air Ducts Are a Problem

Ductwork is designed to retain an airtight seal along its length, from the heating and air conditioning cabinet all the way to each of the room vents. This is to maintain air pressure and steady airflow. If this airtight seal is broken, the escaping air will cause the pressure in the ducts to drop, and the HVAC system will struggle to provide the comfort level the house needs. Not only will this result in poor heating and cooling, it will create a rise in energy costs: up to 30% of the air in the ducts can be lost to these leaks, and all the money paid to heat and cool will be lost as well.

How to Test Ducts? Start with Professionals!

You should arrange for duct testing services every few years or when you detect signs that the air pressure in the ducts is dropping. You can’t test the ducts on your own, aside from noticing lack of airflow from the vents or rising energy bills. The actual testing is a process that requires complex equipment to raise the air pressure throughout the ventilation system and then test how fast the pressure falls. Professionals use the data from these tests to determine the extent of the air leak problem and how best to target repairs.

Sealing Leaky Ducts in Baxter, IA

You can put away the duct tape! Just as you can’t test ducts on your own, you can’t seal them on your own either. Professionals will locate the air leaks and then use tools such as mastic sealant (a resin–based adhesive) or strong metallic tapes (the true "duct tape") to close up all the holes. They can then test the ducts a second time to check if they have successfully restored the ventilation system’s airtightness.

Our team at Baxter Comfort Solutions is experienced with sealing and testing ducts, and we’re glad to help you return your home’s HVAC system to peak condition. Call us today in Baxter, IA or the surrounding areas and set up an appointment for testing and whatever sealing or other repairs your ducts may require.

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