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Ever since the first wood and coal-burning furnaces were built in homes and took over the old job of the fireplace, furnaces have remained the most popular way to provide central heating—and they’re unlikely to give up the top slot any time soon. You probably have lived most of your life in homes where furnaces provided winter warmth.

If your current house uses a furnace, or you are considering having a furnace installed, put your confidence in Baxter Comfort Solutions for the help you need. We are an experienced heating contractor with a team of licensed technicians at the ready. We install the top brands, such as Amana and Goodman, and offer full repair and maintenance service as well. If you live in Baxter, IA or elsewhere within the “golden circle” between Ames, Des Moines, Newton, and Marshalltown, make us your first call for comfort.

Choosing between a Gas Furnace and an Electric Furnace

When deciding on a furnace type for an installation or replacement, the major choice to make is the energy source for the new system. In most cases, it will come down to electric or natural gas. For a home that doesn’t have a natural gas line, then the selection is simple. Otherwise, there are some factors to weigh when trying to pick a gas furnace or an electric furnace.

Upfront cost may be a major concern for you, in which case an electric furnace will be more attractive. But a gas furnace offers energy savings over the years because natural gas costs less than electricity. If you want the highest possible heating power, a gas furnace is also the superior option. However, an electric furnace is safer, and it may last longer as well. Let our professional installers assist you with choosing the furnace that matches all your needs.

More Furnace Services: Repairs and Maintenance

Keeping a furnace reliable will see that you have heat and peace of mind through the winter. The best way to make a furnace reliable is to schedule maintenance for it each fall with one of our technicians. We offer a maintenance program that delivers the regular inspections and tune–ups necessary for dependable heating and an extended service life for your system.

But maintenance cannot prevent all possible problems with a heater. When you notice a loss of warmth from your furnace or any other sign of something that’s amiss, don’t hesitate to call our technicians. We’ll solve the problem fast and right—and we’ll offer to repair anything we did wrong at no charge.

Whatever You Need When It Comes to Furnaces in Baxter, Call on Us

Only professionals should work on gas and electric furnaces. This includes everything from the most seemingly minor fixes to the complete replacement of an aging furnace with a new one. When you look to the HVAC professionals at Baxter Comfort Solutions, you can relax knowing that top people are handling your furnace services in Baxter, IA. We specialize in installing high–energy furnaces that lower annual costs and benefit the environment. Our slogan is "Helping You Save by Going Green!" Call us today to get started with great heating solutions.

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