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Radiant Heating Systems

Most homes in the country rely on a furnace to send heat into the different rooms. A furnace heats up air and then uses a blower to distribute the air through the house. There are other methods for home heating that use entirely different methods, such as radiant heaters. Boilers connected to baseboard heaters and radiators are one kind of radiant heating system. There are others, such as in-floor and radiant tube heating systems. These heaters offer a number of benefits for homes.

If you are curious about using radiant heat to warm your house through the winter, contact Baxter Comfort Solutions. We provide installation for a wide range of hydronic, electric, and natural gas radiant heating systems. You can also look to us for repairs and other services in Baxter, IA and the “golden circle” between Ames, Des Moines, Marshalltown, and Newton.

What Makes Radiant Heating Different?

The standard furnace or heat pump is a type of forced–air heater that moves heat into a room through air currents. This is a type of convection heating, which is the transfer of heat through the air.

Radiant heating is a different type of heat transference altogether: the heat comes from waves that move from a heated object to another heated object, without raising the temperature of the air between. It’s the sensation that you feel coming up from a hot sidewalk on a sunny day. Radiant heating is more energy efficient than convection heating, and it also won’t have a negative effect on air quality because it doesn’t stir up and move around dust and other debris.

Reasons to Consider In–Floor Heating

A type of radiant heating that has risen in popularity in the U.S. is the in–floor heating system. This type of radiant heater warms up the floorboards (using either hot water or electric heating elements) to send waves of warmth into a home. Here are reasons you may want to have in–floor heating installed:

  • Energy efficiency: Radiant heating is already one of the most efficient types of heating, and in–floor heating takes it up another level. Heat rising from beneath you is a quick and effective way to deliver warmth, meaning the heater will need to run less often.
  • Comfortable: In–floor heating feels great. The toasty floor right under your feet is a wonderful sensation on a cold morning or evening.
  • Even heating spread: In–floor heating leaves rooms without any cold spots.

Other Radiant Heating Services in Baxter

Our technicians are skilled with taking care of radiant heaters so they continue to function in top shape for as many years as possible. If you think your radiant heater is failing and needs to have repairs services, call us and we’ll come to your assistance. Make sure that you also sign up for our regular maintenance plan so your radiant heating system receives the annual care necessary for a long life and continued energy–efficient performance.

In addition to in–floor heating, we also install low–intensity and high–intensity radiant tube heating systems by top manufacturers Schwank and Reznor. These gas infrared systems are mounted from the ceiling and work well for large open areas and harsh environments. Contact us to learn if a radiant tube heater is right for your situation.

Baxter Comfort Solutions has served Baxter, IA and the surrounding areas for more than 75 years. We’ll help you save by going green!