Geothermal Heating and Cooling

Geothermal — Energy We Can All Agree On

Geothermal Vs. Traditional

Homeowners are more interested today than ever in finding renewable and inexpensive energy sources for their homes. Solar is a popular option, but there’s a fantastic energy resource right under your feet: geothermal power. You may not have considered using geothermal energy as an option for your house, but it’s available more easily than you may have thought—and the benefits of it are tremendous.

Baxter Comfort Solutions is one of the Midwest’s leading geothermal systems dealers and installers. We’ve handled hundreds of installations, and we’d like to make your installation our next one! Contact our geothermal experts, and they can explain the numerous benefits of one of these systems, as well as how to make one work for your property. We provide geothermal installation and other geothermal services to Baxter, IA and throughout the “golden circle” between Ames, Des Moines, Newton, and Marshalltown. Let us help you save by going green!

How Does a Geothermal System Work?

A home that uses geothermal energy for heating and cooling is relying on a series of loops buried in the ground, usually at a depth of 6 to 10 feet, though which flows a heat transference fluid. At that level, the temperature of the earth remains relatively stable and above ground weather changes have minimal effect on it. This temperature stability is what allows a geothermal system to work at high energy efficiency, no matter the temperature.

During the heating cycle, the fluid circulates through the loops and extracts heat from the ground. The heat energy transfers to the geothermal unit, and the unit compresses this heat to a high temperature. It then delivers this heat to the home through the standard duct system. It also provides a percentage of the home’s hot water requirements. For cooling, the process reverses: the earth’s temperature is cooler than even a mild summer day, making it easy for the system to remove heat from the house and deposit it in the ground.

There are different types of geothermal systems available, and there are even add–on systems (hybrids aren’t just for cars!) that require little intensive labor to install on your property, and you can use your existing furnace and ducts.

The Benefits of Geothermal Systems

Is a geothermal installation worth it? Yes, it is! A geothermal system is one of the best ways for you to lower your regular utility bills and benefit the environment. The high efficiency of a geothermal system during both hot and cold weather allows you to save up to $3,500 each year on energy costs for your home. You can expect to have these savings for many years, since geothermal systems are durable and their loops can last for more than half a century.

There’s a great beneficial impact on the environment as well. A single geothermal installation is the equal of planting one acre of trees or taking two cars off the road. Their high energy efficiency reduces the strain on energy plants (and dependence on fossil fuels) and lowers emissions.

There’s so much potential with geothermal energy systems, that it’s impossible to describe them all here. Baxter Comfort Solutions offers geothermal installation and other services to Baxter, IA, and we’re glad to answer any and all questions you may have and help you with great geothermal energy solutions for your home.

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