An important part of providing heating, air conditioning, and ventilation services to homes is working with thermostats. These devices are the control panels where homeowners can instruct and interact with the comfort system. Unfortunately, homeowners all too often keep out-of-date or miscalibrated thermostats around, unaware that they are negatively affecting their utility bills and comfort.

The answer to any thermostat issues that you may encounter is to call on Baxter Comfort Solutions. We’re licensed, trained, and experienced HVAC professionals providing service to Baxter, IA and throughout the “golden circle” between Ames, Marshalltown, Newton, and Des Moines. Our technicians repair thermostats and install a variety of new ones. We have a special focus on helping you save by going green—and the thermostat can play a huge part in this.

How a Thermostat Can Help (And Hurt) Home Comfort

A thermostat is a small device, and most are designed to keep attention away from them. Don’t let this deceive you into thinking that the thermostat serves only a minor role in a house. An advanced model of thermostat regulates temperature so that everyone remains comfortable and the HVAC system doesn’t drain energy. A thermostat that is outdated, or malfunctioning, can end up creating an unpleasant indoor environment, outrageously high energy bills, or even an AC/heater that’s damaging itself by short–cycling.

The bottom line is that thermostat upgrades and occasional thermostat repairs are an essential part of having an energy–efficient and effective HVAC system.

Options for Thermostat Installation and Thermostat Replacement

Thermostats today come in an immense range of types with various advanced features. Here are three of the broad categories to consider when you’re looking for a new thermostat.

  • Digital thermostat: You shouldn’t still be using a manual thermostat with sliders and dials. Upgrading to even a no–frills digital thermostat improves performance thanks to greater precision with temperature settings. Even better are the many programmable models that permit you to control the settings at times when no one is home.
  • Wireless thermostat: These thermostats offer ease of placement and greater convenience. With a Wi–Fi connection through a computer, smart phone, or tablet you can control the thermostat from almost anywhere, even across the country. This provides tremendous improvements in savings and comfort.
  • Smart thermostat: The current cutting edge of thermostat technology is the smart thermostat. What makes it "smart"? It learns from a history of programming, and then uses this data to create better programs that maximize energy efficiency. The thermostat does most of the hard work of saving money.

Thermostat Services in Baxter

The HVAC experts at Baxter Comfort Solutions can help you with thermostat repair, installation, replacement, and anything else you may need in order to enjoy peak comfort and savings. We carry many of the best brands of thermostats now available, such as Honeywell and White–Rodgers, and we’ll see that you are matched with the ideal model.

Whenever you suspect that your thermostat isn’t working correctly, call our team and we’ll have it repaired—or replaced—right away. We are dedicated to helping all our customers receive the best for their homes so they’ll always look to us in the future for home comfort solutions in Baxter, IA and the surrounding areas.

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