Heat Pump Water Heaters

The heat pump is becoming more popular each year as a way to provide comfort during both hot and cold weather. But did you know that the power of a heat pump can be used for more than delivering warmth to a house in winter and cooling in the summer? There are water heater models available that use the operation of a heat pump for energy-saving results. When you are looking for an alternative to a conventional gas-powered water heater or an electric tank water heater, one that will help you cut down on high utility bills, a heat pump water heater is one of your best choices.

The people to call in Baxter, IA to find out more about these water heaters are at Baxter Comfort Solutions. We install many types of water heaters and also offer repair and replacement services. Our expert technicians serve the “golden circle” between Ames, Des Moines, Newton, and Marshalltown. Get in touch with us today and find out how we can help you save by going green!

How a Heat Pump Water Heater Works

A standard tank water heater uses either natural gas or electrical heating elements to generate heat and apply it to the water in its storage tank. In both cases, the system consumes power in order to create heat. A heat pump water heater, however, uses already–existing heat and consumes power (electricity) to move the heat. It does this through a refrigerant coil that absorbs heat from the air around the heat pump through evaporation and then releases the heat into the water tank through condensation. Because it requires less power to move heat than to create it, a heat pump water heater can save a great deal of money for a household over its service lifetime.

We Install Hybrid Water Heaters

In addition to heat pump water heaters, we also offer services for hybrid water heaters. These systems are combinations of the standard storage tank water heaters and tankless models. Like a tankless system, the water heater comes on to heat up water whenever there is a demand for it—i.e. a hot water tap is turned on or an appliance such as a washing machine starts running.

But the hybrid water heater also has a smaller back–up tank of stored hot water. This prevents the water heater from losing energy efficiency if there is too much demand at once, getting around one of the drawbacks of tankless systems. You can have either a hybrid electric water heater or a hybrid gas water heater installed, depending on your home’s energy supply.

We Offer Complete Heat Pump Water Heater Services in Baxter

Are you planning to replace your current water heater in the near future? We recommend you give serious consideration to installing a heat pump or hybrid water heater. Our experts can answer any questions you may have regarding your options when it comes to the models of water heaters available (including tankless and standard tank water heaters). If you’re already using a heat pump water heater, we’ll help you continue to enjoy the benefits with repairs when you need them and routine maintenance visits each year. Let Baxter Comfort Solutions see to all your water heater needs in Baxter, IA and the surrounding areas.

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