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Central Air Conditioners

The summer heat is no joking matter: when the outdoor thermometer reads 90°F or higher, life can get miserable in a home that lacks central air conditioning. Does your home have a central AC? If it doesn’t, or if the one it currently relies on seems unable to handle the heat the way it should, it’s time to contact central AC professionals.

In Baxter, IA, and throughout the “golden circle” between Ames, Des Moines, Newton, and Marshalltown, the HVAC contractor to call is Baxter Comfort Solutions. We offer a complete range of services for central air conditioning, from new installations to annual maintenance. All it takes is a call to us to set you on the way to better home comfort through central cooling. We help you save by going green!

How Central Air Units Work

A central air unit, also known as a split air conditioner, consists of two sections: the outdoor condenser and the indoor air handler/evaporator. These two parts work together to extract heat from inside a home (lowering the air temperature), releasing the heat to the outside, and then distributing the cooled air through a ventilation system.

The process starts in the compressor located in the outdoor condenser cabinet. The compressor places chemical refrigerant under high pressure that heats it up and causes it to move through a coil that exposes it to the outside air. The hot refrigerant loses its heat through condensing, with a fan helping to draw air over the coils and exhaust the heat. The cooled refrigerant moves to the indoor unit, losing pressure and becoming extremely cold. The cold refrigerant passes through another coil, this time evaporating to absorb heat. A blower fan pushes the cool air from around the coil and into the ductwork, carrying it to the rooms of the home. The warm refrigerant returns to the compressor to re–start the cycle.

Installation and Replacement of Central AC Systems

You must never look to inexperienced technicians or amateurs when it’s time to have a central air conditioner installed. The work is too extensive and relies on special training in order to complete correctly. It’s even possible for non–professionals to put the wrong size of central air unit in a home, resulting in massive energy waste and inferior cooling. Always look to skilled HVAC experts, like ours, for installation work.

This applies to replacement services as well. No central AC will endure forever, and after 15 years most models need to retire and have a more efficient unit replace them. Let us help you when your home is ready for new central cooling. We install top brands, like Amana and Goodman air conditioners.

We Offer Central AC Repair and Maintenance in Baxter, IA

Baxter Comfort Solutions is here to see that your residential central AC works for as many years as possible without dropping in efficiency or cooling ability. If you think the system needs repairs, let us handle the work and see that it’s done fast and right. And when you leave annual preventive AC maintenance to us, we’ll make certain you run into as few future problems as possible.

No matter what service you’re looking for to see that your family keeps cool through the highest summer heat in Baxter, IA and the surrounding areas, you can depend on us. We operate our company at the highest levels of integrity so that customers know they can always trust us.

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